Top 5 Sskait Comics in October 2020

Top 5 Sskait Comics in October 2020

From Sskait comics to Sskait mugs real quick! This month has been full for AJ Bacar, the creator behind Siya. Sila. Kayo. Ako. Ikaw. Tayo. or Sskait.

This month is all about the Dad, Daddy and Baby story with just the right amount of talong.

Here are the Top 5 Sskait Comics in October 2020

1. #TheDadDaddyAndBaby

The Dad, Daddy, and Baby story continues. A quick eggplant emoji really goes a long way. Just make sure to send it to the right person.

2. The Anniversary Gift

The Sskait Artist was unapologetically crazy with this one. He needed to know how awesome his gifts are that he needed to ask a friend. Looks like it’s going to be a memorable anniversary for baby and daddy.

3. Among ‘Sus Ginoo


Among us is more than a game, it’s a mood. We can’t wait for Among Us Sskait stickers!

4. Surprise!

Surprise birthday party went bad! Looks like the Sskait artist wanted baby and daddy to get caught.

5. Muning Plushie


Muning has learned how to teleport right out of the Sskait Viber and Sskait Telegram stickers!

Other than the merch that you can get here, the Muning plushie is available at the Sskait Shopee store.



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