7-Digit Shirtpreneur on What Makes WymakeitPH Products Stand Out

7-Digit Shirtpreneur on What Makes WymakeitPH Products Stand Out

Creating a shirt business from scratch is not easy for everyone. Successful shirtpreneurs understand that experimentation and hard work are required day-in and day-out. 

For Denise, owner of Wymakeitph & a 7-digit shirtrepreneur, her entrepreneurial spirit flourished even before graduating from college.

Aside from being a shirt entrepreneur, what do you do on a daily basis?

I currently work as Creative Head for a food startup here in Manila.

What motivated you to be a shirtpreneur?

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit even before I graduated from college, so I always look for opportunities where I can use my creative talents and make money from it. Designing shirts and selling them seemed like the perfect way to do it so that’s what I did. Then it worked, so I still continue to do it.

What do you think separates WymakeitPH from other GoT-related brands?

I think what separates us aside from our pricing, is the fact that we stay true to the book and the series in general. We use the correct house colors for the design and shirt selection. Like we don’t put the Targaryen sigil in a green shirt because green is not their house color.

Likewise, we don’t use yellow shirts for the Starks or mix and match other sigils with any other colors. Because we don’t want our customers to walk around wearing the wrong House color.

The reason you bought the shirt is that you are a fan of that specific House, and in a small way, you want to imagine that you belong to that House, so it’s reasonable to wear the right House colors.

Are you going to release new GoT-related designs in the near future?

We hope so. Since there are news circulating that some GoT spinoff might come up in the future, which means an expanded GoT universe where we can come up with more fandom shirts and hoodies.

Among all your designs on WymakeitPH, which is one your favorite?

House Targaryen shirt. Both the cotton and the dry-fit version.