How this Finance Manager / Shirtpreneur balances 7 businesses

How this Finance Manager / Shirtpreneur balances 7 businesses
“Walang yumayaman sa pagiging empleyado”

Timeless oft-quoted sage advice like these are what entrepreneurial day dreams are made of.

So when is the best time to stop being an employee and take the leap into entrepreneurship?

At, we want everyone to know that it is entirely possible to be an employee and an entrepreneur at the same time, while being passionate about both.

Take the case of finance manager, blogger and serial shirtpreneur Neil Palteng, who is only one of two store owners on our platform that have been inducted into the 7 Digit Club, for having sold 7 digits worth of shirts.

What do you do as a Finance Manager?

I work for SEDPI, an organization that lends to rural banks, coops, social enterprises, and I handle a 300M portfolio. I’m responsible for relationships with investors, migrants, and I do a lot of travel.

How many brands do you have on

I have 7 brands with 5 that are profitable. They’re mostly targeted to 5 schools –Don Bosco, La Salle, St Paul, St Mary’s, San Beda. And we plan on adding 2 more. St Scho and St Bridgette.

You have 7 stores and plan to add 2 more. How do you balance being a Finance Manager & a serial shirtpreneur?

For me it’s easy because of Per week I just spend 2 hours handling all the brands so it’s really easy to run my businesses on the side.

And I just like to be busy. I even have an online magazine aside from my job and my business.

Sabi nga nila Beyonce works the same number of hours as you do and she gets all this shit done so what’s our excuse for not doing as much?

I also like to remember what my mentor said about being busy. We’re always busy –with friends, eating or sleeping. You choose what to be busy with.

What skills as a Finance person helped in shirtpreneurship?

Well I can keep track of income & expenses but most importantly it’s the attitude of having passive income and working efficiently.

If you had to choose, which one would you rather be – a shirtpreneur or a finance manager?

Ang hirap isagot!

Finance in my context, it’s more development work, I travel a lot, and I have a goal which is increasing SEDPI’s portfolio from 150M to half a million. for me is a cash cow. I don’t even wear my own shirts.

So to answer the question, I guess I’ll say I’d rather be a finance manager.

What advice would you give to aspiring part-time shirtpreneurs?

Always have a ready market. If you just want quick cash, target ready markets but also something you love and can relate to like your alma mater.

And don’t take’s system for granted.

When I started my t-shirt business before, we would travel to Divisoria, attend bazaars, egress, count the inventory and the cash. It used to be super difficult. Now with you can just sit down, design and earn. So I really value what James has done for the t-shirt industry.

What’s next for you?

I’m planning to focus on our online magazine. At the end of the day, my passion is tsismis that inspires.

With, I’ll keep using it for passive income.