Microbiology Student Talks About Selling 6-digits in 20 Days

Microbiology Student Talks About Selling 6-digits in 20 Days
On the last week of July, I had the privilege of meeting Aldrin, a college student who uploaded awesome UST designs on his Shirt.ly dashboard. I immediately knew he could be off to something great because of his amazing designs.

I scheduled a meeting near UST to talk about his store. Later that day, I helped him set up his shirt.ly store. Twenty days after, his sales reached 6-digits. The rest was history.

Taking a degree in Microbiology and designing shirts at the same time is tough. What pushes you to continue designing and selling shirts?

I only started joining shirt design and poster making contests in college somehow because of additional income, but mostly because I enjoy creating shirt designs during my free time. I wanted to use my own hard-earned money for allowance. Using my hobby to earn is very fulfilling.

Why did you sell UST shirts? Were you not tempted to sell shirts with “personal art”?

The school spirit in UST is overwhelming especially during the UAAP season. I’m also a picky person when it comes to university apparel. I know (not bragging) that there should be lots of better university designs out there. In addition, selling UST shirts is (1) easier to manage because personal art takes so much time and (2) easier to market because I know who i’m selling to (Thomasian students and alumni). That is one of the things I learned from the shirt.ly team.

When you started using the Shirt.ly platform, did you have a hint that your sales would reach 6-digits in 20 days?

I absolutely had no idea that I could earn this much with my designs. Before I joined shirtly, I was earning PHP 500-1000 per design given I get 3 freelance projects a month. Considering that I only work as a freelance graphic artist pursuing a degree with no connection in design, it was hard for me to raise my prices. At first, I thought that I could earn a good couple of thousands using shirt.ly, but I got really surprised when I opened my store and got that much money with not much hassle.

How did shirt.ly help in making this happen?

The platform of Shirt.ly itself helped me a lot. As a student with no capital to start a t-shirt brand, this was the perfect place and opportunity. I would have never found out that Facebook ads could be this helpful in selling online if James (from shirt.ly) didn’t contact me. I didn’t know how much I could’ve earned if the people at shirt.ly didn’t help me be equipped with the knowledge I needed for my brand to be successful.

What is next for AA Designs?

Right now, I’m just thinking of stabilizing the sales and the products of my current stores. But I’m planning to expand to more universities. Who knows what wonders await us next? ✔︎