Top 5 TriNhil Youtube Videos in November 2020

trinhil peenoise house

It's another big month for the gamer, Nhil Diaz and the whole TriNation. From Jimboy acting crazy to celebrating hallowen withe Billionare Gang and a glimpse of Nhil's dream studio.

Here are the top 5 TriNhil Youtube Videos in November 2020

1. Yacht Robbery


TriNhil real name should be "The Great Operator", his skills on this video is unbelievable. He really takes RP to a whole new level and makes sure that his robberies are well executed.

2. Among Us With Billionaire Gang



Detective Ratbu is back at it again and this time, he's got the Billionaire Gang playing Among Us with him.

3. Jimboy Adventures

TriNhil's stream are always something unexpected and usually out of the box. Jimboy is another charcter that Nhil plays on GTA V RP. Jimboy is lovable and huggable nugget that can sometimes be devious.

4. Jimboy As A Cow


Didn't we just tell you how creative Nhil can be with his videos. In this video, Nhil together with the popular chauffer, Mang Berting trolls people in Billionaire City.

5. Dream Studio


This video was originally uploaded on Nhil's vlog channel but we just had to include it here because we feel very proud of his achievements and we can't wait to see for his studio to be finished.

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