Top 5 TriNhil Youtube Videos in October 2020

Top 5 TriNhil Youtube Videos in October 2020

From TriNhil Among Us gaming videos to the Peenoise gaming house getting flooded, October is shaping up to be a challenging month for TriNation.

Here are the Top 5 TriNhil Youtube Videos in October 2020

1. TriNhil Among Us


First on our list is the super deceiving skills of TriNhil as Impostor Ratbu. It makes you wonder why Nhil is so good at this game.

2. Sicario Vs. Asian Cuties


In this intense and heart pounding video, we see how TriNhil’s GTA V gameplay is really serious for Nhil. I must warn you the first few minutes of the video were really heated. 

3. Agila, Nahuli na?


Agila is back at it again and Cardo Kalansay is out to get him in yet another thrilling encounter between Billionaire City’s top crime boss and the city’s finest cop. Let’s see if Agila escapes this time.

4. Bank Heist


This bank heist is like a scene taken right out of a Vice Ganda movie. Complete with TriNhil car chases and a bit of escaping on foot. Too bad we didn’t get to listen to the TriNhil Song during the car chase scene!

5. Peenoise House Binaha


This is more of a bonus entry on this list as we love seeing  Gloco and Nhil in a video together. It has been a rainy past few days and the Peenoise gaming house was not spared. Let’s see if Agila can swim.



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