Top 5 TriNhil Youtube Videos in September 2020

Top 5 TriNhil Youtube Videos in September 2020

Nhil Dhiaz which is TriNhil real name is not just a vlogger, but a very established gaming content creator in the local YouTube community. He’s also part of the Peenoise team and has appeared on Gloco’s and Von Ordona’s channel as well.

Here are the top 5 TriNhil Youtube Videos in September

1. Among Us Filipino

On this TriNhil’s stream of his Among Us game, we can see how skilled he really is at playing innocently. Needless to say, this game is perfect for him.

2. Detective Ratbu With Gloco

Detective Ratbu is on the hunt again and in this video, we see him playing with the Peenoise team including Gloco and KingFB.

3. Batman vs. Agila 

If you’ve been watching Von Ordona’s channel, you’re probably familiar with his Batman character on GTA V online. In this video, we see Agila (TriNhil) challenging Batman yet again in Billionaire City.

4. ROG Strix Scar 17 Unboxing

Nhil has really come a long way from his TriNhil DOTA 2 gaming content over 6 years ago and now having over 200k subscribers on his channel, it’s only natural for brands like ROG to trust him with unboxing videos like this. 

5. Agila vs. Don Marko

In this very climactic video, we see how Agila defended all his friends from Don Marko (Von Ordona). But, you need to see the ending to know how it all plays it out and who really won in this very thrilling gun fight. 

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