Top 5 Voiceover Flowers Youtube Videos in 2020

Top 5 Voiceover Flowers Youtube Videos in 2020

Have you ever wondered who is the voice behind your favorite game or the voice you hear on the LRT and MRT?  One of the cool things that surfaced on the internet during this pandemic are voice talents

One of the most shared voice talent videos was the Voice Over Flowers Mobile Legends voice impressions. Kathleen Kaye is the name behind this entertaining viral video and she’s the content creator behind Voice Over Flowers. I’m sure you’ve heard of her.

Here are the top 5 Voiceover Flowers Youtube Videos in 2020

1. Mobile Legends Impression

Mobile Legends is a huge success in the Philippines and Kathleen capitalized on that popularity by doing an impression of the famous voice overs that you hear on the game. I almost thought that she was the original voice behind it.

2. Pepito Manaloto Voice Over

Other than Voice Over Flower’s Jollibee voice over, she has also done some voice over work for one of the longest running sitcoms in the country, Pepito Manaloto.


You all know (and secretly love) the MTRCB tune. In this video, the Voice Over Flowers korean drama star, Kathleen Kaye shows us a different take on rated SPG.

4. Radio Guesting

In this video, Kathleen shares her journey from Voice Over Flowers Philippine Airlines work to her journey as a voice talent in the Philippines. 

5. Voice Over Flowers Eat Bulaga

Kathleen along with other famous voice talents like Inka Magnaye and Tom Alvarez joins the Eat Bulaga game Bawal Ang Judgemental.


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