Top 5 Von Ordona YT Vlogs in October 2020

Top 5 Von Ordona YT Vlogs in October 2020
Top 5 Von Ordona YT Vlogs in October 2020

October was a big month not just for Von Ordona YT channel but for the whole Billionaire Gang as they celebrated their first year anniversary. The whole month was filled with activities happening in Billionaire City and they were nothing short of extravagant.

Here are the top 5 Von Ordona Vlogs in October 2020

1. Robocop

In this video, Von takes on a different role and plays as one of the favorite robots during the 90s, Robocop. Let’s see if he is the future of law enforcement in Billionaire City.

2. Formula 1 Event

As we’ve said, the whole month of October was filled with events and activities for the Von Ordona’s Billionaire Gang. This Formula 1 racing event is one of the first racing events in the local GTA V roleplay gaming community.

3. Homeless Prank

Von tries out a social experiment within the city. Let’s see if people will help a homeless man out or will he have to resort to showing his true identity.

4. Halloween Event

Another major affair for the billionaire gang is their halloween event gangwar. The whole crew was ready to wreak havoc in the city with matching costumes to boot.

5. Billionaire Gang Anniversary

More than a year ago Von Ordona’s PC gaming took a huge leap with the creation of Billionaire Gang.

It’s also been more than a year of us seeing Von Ordona’s condo as his background during his streams, and we can’t wait to finally see him and the whole gang stream their game in real life the Billionaire Mansion.