Top 5 Von Ordona YT Vlogs in September 2020

Top 5 Von Ordona YT Vlogs in September 2020

Von Ordona YT has been making gaming videos for over a year now and we all know him from his funny GTA V gaming videos. He has also has his main YouTube channel, Von Ordona Vlogs where he shows his more lifestyle themed content.

Here are his top 5 YT videos in September from both his gaming and vlog channel.

1. Batman Meets Batgirl

When you have a powerful computer like Von Ordona’s PC, creating gaming videos like these are going to be easy, but it takes a special kind of dedication and attention-to-detail to create a well thought out script like this.

2. The Greatest Impostor


It’s not everyday that you see your favorite gamer being ganged on by his gamer friends. Let’s see if he can survive this game.

3. Lamborghini Police Car

If real life police drove cars like these, we’d probably have a lot more policemen driving around.


4. Billionaire Gang Mansion 

From Von Ordona’s condo, he now plans to step up his game to a whole new level and buy a mansion.


5. Hacked Youtube Prank

    Von Ordona’s Billionaire Gang goes to the rescue as he tells them that his YouTube account has been hacked. All we can say is that he was very convincing.

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