Top 5 Zarckaroo Gaming Youtube Videos in December 2020

zarckaroo ban
The Zarcakroo Gaming Araw Araw star had very eventful month. While it has been merry for a lot of other Billionaire Gang members, Zarckaroo encountered some turbulent episodes this December. Nevertheless, he was able to successfully rise up to the occasion and came out of the situation as a better person.

Here are the top 5 Zarckaroo Gaming Youtube Videos in December 2020

1. Mang Carding vs. Mang Berting

For the longest time, Mang Berting was unmatched. But the Zarckaroo Gaming GTA V star saw an opportunity there and thought that Mang Berting shouldn't monopolize the whole city and came up with a new character, Mang Carding. Let's see who is the better chauffer in Billionaire City.

2. Zarckara In Action

A hero emerges from the city of the Billionaires. Zarckara goes around the city and finds people to help in true Tulfo fashion.

3. Broken Gaming PC


In this very shor Zarckaroo Gaming's Billionaire Mansion livestream he tells his fans about the first challenge that he will face this month which his PC suddenly giving up on him. As we all know, every game streamers needs their PC so they can churn out content for their fans.

4. Lolo Remi Meets Moira

Lolo Remi is back and this time he gets to finally meet Moira. One his grandson's ex-girlfriend.


5. Finally Unbanned

After a short but very serious turmoil in Zarckaroo's career, he is now back at it and finally able to go back to doing RP in GTA V Billionaire City.


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