Top 5 Zarckaroo Gaming Youtube Videos in October 2020

Top 5 Zarckaroo Gaming Youtube Videos in October 2020

The Billionaire Gang musician or more widely known as Zarckaroo Gaming Araw Araw singer is not only known for his GTA V character but also for his phenomenal voice. He’s also the grand winner of the Billionaire City Got Talent Season 1.

Here are the top 5 Zarckaroo Gaming Youtube Videos in October 2020

1. Zarckaroo Gaming Billionaire Mansion

As you all know, the Billionaire Gang has just recently purchased their real life mansion. In this video, we see Zarcakroo or Ryan Azurin talking about their mansion featuring Von Ordona. He also showcased his voice on this video!

2. It’s A Prank!

In this Zarckaroo Gaming GTA V RP video, he plays a prank on Em and tells her he likes her. Let’s see how this would turn out for him. Will he be stuck in the friend zone or will he win her heart?

3. Zarckaroo Gaming Billionaire Gang Talk Show

Zarckaroo takes on a role as a talk show host and interviews Don Marco and Maisan, the founders of Billionaire City.

4. Zarckaroo VS Kimchi

In the world of GTA V RP, it’s a privilege to own a sports car like an Audi R8. You’d have to spend millions to get a car like that. So it’s only natural that when you see someone who has the same car as you, your reaction would be to race them. Turns out, all cars are not created equal in Billionaire City.

5. Among Us Billionaire Gang

Aside from GTA V RP streams, the Billionaire Gang also plays Among Us. Let’s see if they’re equally talented on this game.


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