About Us

Our vision and mission is to help build a society where entrepreneurs are enabled, encouraged and empowered. To help fulfil this, we must create a company with the sole focus of becoming the premier online retailer and discovery platform of fresh & exciting homegrown products.

Online Retailer

As an online retailer, our objective is to continually build our in-house eCommerce infrastructure. Our goal is to strengthen our competitive advantage and to make our customer experience better and better over time.

Discovery Platform

As a discovery platform, our objective is to make discovering new products a common practice in the community. Our goal is to create a destination where makers and artists launch their new products out to the market.

Fresh & Exciting Homegrown Products

As an advocate homegrown products, our objective is to find, curate and showcase these products. Our goal is to help them reach their full potential.


Origin Story

James Fernando started several shirt businesses in high school and college. In 2014, he and other shirtlings created an eCommerce platform that helped fellow ‘shirtpreneurs’ start a shirt business. shirt.ly was born.

They have helped several users generate 7-digit sales made up of purely online orders. Read the rest of the story in this Entrepreneur PH feature.

In 2018, the same team created another eCommerce platform. This time, the goal is to help homegrown entrepreneurs / artists / makers in general. Shabam was born.