Sponsor a Food Pack

We are distributing food packs to families deeply affected by the COVID-19 Luzon lockdown.


food pack sponsorships received (paid) as of March 25, 2020 11:59pm


food packs delivered as of March 25, 2020 11:59pm

399 pesos per food pack


Rice (3 kilos)

Canned Goods (8 pcs - assorted)

- Sardines 155g

- Corned Beef 175g

- Meat Loaf 210g

- Corned Tuna 180g

Fee for delivery


Our team will target the brgys that have not received adequate food support.

Deliveries will be made by Transportify.

We will directly coordinate with the brgy officials for permits.

Our list of brgys will be formed through crowdsourcing:

(1) suggestions from immediate contacts

(2) suggestions on social media

The # of food packs to be delivered will depend on:

(1) the # of families in the brgy

(2) the available food packs in stock

We will try to accomodate as many brgys as possible.

If you know a brgy in need, please comment here.

Procurement of Supplies

We will procure our materials from distributors at wholesale prices.


We will exercise transparency on the procurement and distribution process.

Photos of deliveries, receipts and list of brgys will be posted here.

How to Deposit

To donate, please make an online transfer to the following bank accounts:



Security Bank




After making the deposit, please send the following to james@shirt.ly:

1. Contact Name

2. Organization / Company (Optional)

3. Amount deposit

4. Deposit slip photo


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